Artist Statement

Throughout my work, I explore concepts of identity, escapism, growth and reflection, and interpersonal connections. Visualizing how energy can flow on the physical plane between people and things as well as the intangible energy of thoughts and emotions. I use tools and imagery from personal rituals to resist the social norm of hyperproductivity in order to gain success. I am inspired by my personal history and multifaceted identity as a Black queer femme, tarot and oracle card imagery, as well as nature, everyday objects, and personal symbolism. My work can be visually simple at times, but the intention and expression is complex. 

I primarily use relief printmaking techniques to create, emphasizing the time and intention put into these compositions. When a piece leads me to it, I incorporate mixed media into my work. During my time in University of North Florida's Fine Arts program, I learned many different mediums and techniques, such as screen print, three-dimensional fabrication with wood and ceramics, various drawing media, and painting techniques. Though I devote most of my creative energy towards printmaking, I am a learner and explorer by nature and love learning new techniques to incorporate into my practice.

When I'm not creating visual art, I channel my creative energy into making spiritual tools and providing insight to myself and others. Wire wrapped crystals, intention oils, and tarot/oracle card readings are some of my offerings.

My practice is as multilayered as I am. As it grows, I grow as well.

~ Aliya