5 Card Reading

$23.33 - $25.55

A five card tarot or oracle reading. For this spread, the querent can receive insight in a specific area of their life. Three questions per spread.
• General Insight
• Career/project reading
• Relationship reading
Use the order notes to add your question and/or additional information.

Tarot decks: Everyday Tarot, Deviant Moon Tarot, Mystic Mondays Tarot, Hoodoo Tarot, Zombie Tarot, *NEW* The Alleyman's Tarot

Oracle decks: Starseed Oracle, Moonology Oracle, Crystal Reading Cards, Super Attractor Affirmation Deck

• All readings are non-refundable and payments are final. NO EXCEPTIONS.
• No love (excluding self love), death, or health inquiries please.

Tarot and oracle readings are subject to individual interpretation, therefore these readings are not absolute. If all or a portion of your reading does not seem to resonate with you, feel free to ask about other interpretations of your spread.

Tarot/oracle readings are for entertainment purposes and are not meant to replace professional medical/legal/business advice nor are they meant to obstruct your free will. I, as the reader, am not responsible for any decisions or actions made by you as a result of the tarot/oracle reading you receive. I assume zero liability for any reading predictions that did not come to pass.

All personal and identifying information belonging to clients will be kept confidential.