Gold Body Butter

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A lightly scented mango butter based body butter that is packed with fatty acids that promote healthy skin and aromatherapy blends infused in avocado oil that are soothing, and gentle to the pores. This body butter leaves your skin feeling nourished and soft.

Gold Body Butter is available in two scent blends with bright citrus over a woody base:
• Bergamot & Patchouli
• Vetiver & Lime

Fatty acids found in Gold Body Butter:
• Oleic Acid - a hydrating omega-9 fatty acid found in mango butter and avocado oil; ideal for dry skin.
• Stearic Acid - a saturated fatty acid found in mango butter that is rich and hydrating.

Mango butter is a mostly solid oil at temperatures below 86° F. With the addition of avocado oil, it lends a softer text to the body butter. When Gold Body Butter touches your skin, it will begin to melt and spread easily across your body.

Gold Body Butter feels best when applied after showering, locking in the moisture and nutrients that keep you feeling golden!