Green Aventurine - Copper Wrapped (Slight Patina)

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Hangs from adjustable 18” waxed cord. Available with custom length antiqued copper chain (add desired length in order notes).

Green aventurine is an excellent heart chakra crystal. This crystal activates, clears, and protects the energy of the heart. It’s said that green aventurine strengthens eyesight; it is typically worn to increase perception, stimulate creativity, and enhances intelligence.
• An all-around luck stone, known as a popular gambler’s talisman.
• Balances the mental, emotional, physical, and auric bodies.
• Assists in balancing masculine and feminine energies within one’s self.
Green Aventurine can be empowered with motivational intentions to help you rely on your instinctive and decisive qualities to begin taking more action in your life.

This item is handmade with authentic crystals and pure copper and may have minor imperfections. Copper wire will oxidize over time and with frequent wear causing slight patina.

Copper balances the body’s polarity (the flow of projective and receptive energies). Pure copper is often worn for general healing and to prevent sickness.