Malachite - Copper Wrapped

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Hangs from adjustable 18” waxed cord.

Malachite is a powerful and protective stone, relating to the heart and throat chakras. Wearing malachite near the heart expands your ability to love.
• Amplifies your power towards a goal.
• Known as a traveler’s guardian stone, offering protection for transport; and as the stone of transformation, assisting in changing situations.
• Increases one’s ability to obtain business success, such as deals and sales. It is said that malachite was once used to detect impending danger. It is used in protection magic, particularly with children, protecting them against negativity and physical harm.

This item is handmade with authentic crystals and pure copper and may have minor imperfections. Copper wire will oxidize over time and with frequent wear causing slight patina.

Copper balances the body’s polarity (the flow of projective and receptive energies). Pure copper is often worn for general healing and to prevent sickness.