Prima Materia Body Oil

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Inspired by The Magician (I) of the tarot, Prima Materia is an excellent oil to use when you want to jumpstart your creativity or enhance your manifestation. White sage and spearmint boost mental awareness and function while camphor assists with rituals or divination being done. Calendula, more commonly known as marigold, lends protection from negativity as well as invites you to tune into your gifts, especially mentally.

Calendula also gives Prima Materia a rich yellow hue that visually raises awareness of your solar plexus chakra, i.e. your manifestation and creativity energy center.

Works best with normal/dry skin types. Avocado oil soothes and adds moisture to the skin, as well as protecting it from damaging UV rays.

Ingredients: avocado oil, spearmint, white sage, calendula, camphor

This is an essential oil free product.