Red Jasper - Copper Wrapped

$25.00 USD - $32.22 USD

Hangs from adjustable 18” waxed cord. Available with custom length antiqued copper chain (add desired length in order notes).

Red jasper is a protective and grounding stone, as it is related to the root chakra. It is generally used to promote smooth mental processing and curb dangerous desires or whims.
• Used in defensive magic to send negativity or harm back to the original sender.
• Promotes health and healing.
• Assists with progression and justice.
Red jasper can be used to aid in dream recall, specifically key aspects of dreams.

This item is handmade with authentic crystals and pure copper and may have minor imperfections. Copper wire will oxidize over time and with frequent wear causing slight patina.

Copper balances the body’s polarity (the flow of projective and receptive energies). Pure copper is often worn for general healing and to prevent sickness.