Red Tiger Eye - Copper Wrapped

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Hangs from adjustable 18” waxed cord. Available with custom length antiqued copper chain (add desired length in order notes).

Red tiger eye is an excellent grounding stone, as it’s related to the root chakra. Connecting with red tiger eye brings you back to your roots and brings you a sense of security.
• Enhances your integrity and willpower.
• Strengthens one’s convictions and promotes confidence and courage.
• Provides protective energy.
Ruled by the energy of the Sun, red tiger eye is a warm stone that promotes energy flow throughout the body. The stone flashes rays of light in the Sun, these can be used to gain insight to one’s past lives.

This item is handmade with authentic crystals and pure copper and may have minor imperfections. Copper wire will oxidize over time and with frequent wear causing slight patina.

Copper balances the body’s polarity (the flow of projective and receptive energies). Pure copper is often worn for general healing and to prevent sickness.